Accessible and easy-to-use service for site's management!

The essence of ClickIT

  • The user works directly with his site;
  • "Visual" mode – user sees, what he changes and how it will look directly at the site;
  • User-friendly interface allows to user to immediately understand how it works;
  • Finally, it's a cheap service :)

Recommendations and Restrictions

Main requirements:

  • You must enable JavaScript in your browser for system to works fine;
  • Editable blocks must not contain "server side" and "client side" code (PHP, ASP, .NET, JavaScript etc.) and also flash and iframe objects to avoid loss of information. It must be "clean" HTML;
  • It is recommended to use the latest versions of popular browsers (FF3+, IE7+).

Browser compatibility:

  • Mozilla Firefox (version 2 and higher);
  • Internet Explorer (version 7 and higher);
  • Google Chrome (version 4 and higher);
  • Safari (version 3 and higher).

Not supported:

  • Opera;
  • Internet Explorer (version 6).

How to order and what the parties' actions?

Once you have ordered a service, you will receive an email with further instructions:

  • How to pay for the service;
  • How to use ClickITCMS for your site.

However, our experts are already beginning to work with the installation of the system on your site. Regardless of the chosen package, your website was originally set to "Basic" version.
Upon confirmation of payment, your version of CMS upgraded to "Profs", and you will get further notice about.

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